Harvey Butler is Global Head of Supplier Diversity at Barclays, responsible for developing and executing the firm’s strategy to expand its utilization of diverse suppliers –both small businesses and those majority-owned by ethnic minorities, women and other under-represented segments of society, within the major international geographies it operates. Since joining Barclays in 2013, Harvey has helped the firm structure its approach to engaging diverse suppliers with events such as the Supplier Diversity Day in London, Johannesburg and New York that introduces matchmaking opportunities with sourcing/procurement decision-makers and offers master classes providing banking and finance knowledge-transfer to diverse entrepreneurs. He aims to position Barclays as a global supplier diversity leader within the financial services industry.


Harvey Butler
Global Director of Diversity, Barclays

Michael Jones-Bey
Director for Corporate Social Responsibility, Con Edison

Michael Jones-Bey serves as the Director for Corporate Social Responsibility at Con Edison. His responsibilities include Supplier Diversity, Sustainability, Investment Recovery, and the Vendor Code of Conduct. He is responsible for leading the company’s efforts to incorporate sustainable Supply Chain business practices while increasing contract opportunities for Minority-owned and Women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) in ways that strategically support the company’s commitments to environmental stewardship and promoting economic growth within the communities it serves.



As global leader in business, commerce, and media, there’s no shortage of innovation within the city that never sleeps. New York leads the nation in AI, software development, and innovative entertainment technologies that will augment our present realities. The NYC InVision Tour Program focused providing attendees with greater information about commercialization investing, providing greater opportunity for industrialists and innovators to connect to the capital they to start and make it to the finish line.

In NYC we introduced matchmaking sessions, with made possible for innovators to not only connect with industrialist, but innovators to connect with other innovators and industrialist to connect with other industrialists. After all, the process of ideas becoming reality only happens with the partnership and idea sharing amongst peers and across industries.



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Completed markets on the MBDA InVision Tour are Oakland, CA; Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA

The last stop for the MBDA InVision Tour is Detroit, MI.