Imagine. Invent. Incorporate.

The InVision Tour

The InVision Tour, sponsored by MBDA, informs minority innovators and industrialists on technology transfer and how to use the federal government’s 300+ laboratories and research centers to create new innovations.

Are you an innovator or an industrialist? Discover how you can imagine, invent, and incorporate your own products with federal resources and build wealth for your company, community, and the country.

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Atlanta Highlights

See what attendees experienced at our initial stop in Atlanta.

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Next Stop: Houston

Join us March 21-22 at the TMC Innovation Institute.



Join us April 18-19 at the Dellums Federal Building.

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New York

Join us May 21-22 at the Ted Weiss Federal Building.

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Join us June 11-12 at the McCoy USPTO Satellite Office.

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